Thursday, October 10, 2013


These days I find it really difficult to concentrate on my more commercial works. My focus is all over the place. It is maybe because for the fact that I tend to do very little for myself and more for money. Money is important but at the same time the soul need to feed. Keep a soul hungry and the body keeps on dieing. So rather then procrastinating on other things, I'm trying to draw as much as possible to keep myself focused in art. Weather its an image, random doodle or anything that is visual helps me calm myself down and feel a sense of relief from my mental pain.

So here is a random scribble of some character designs. I'm not really going for anything, its more like a vent.

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Noxmoony said...

"Relief from mental pain" - word yo..its why drawing is so important to just calms us...well calms me anyway dunno bout anyone else. And I'm really happy that you're drawing again, let me tell ya this big Z, nothing makes my day more than seeing your awesome artworks and nothing makes me happier than seeing you doing what you love : ) So yeah just do what makes ya happy....

Also I love these sketches, the textures and the tones make it seem almost like they were drawn with a gold pen...more plz!