Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boo! I'm the Boogie Baba

I hate those people

You know those who thinks they are the queens of the universe and everything revolve around them. Stop being fake and be real for once! Those makeups and expensive cloths aren't making you any prettier. >:(



Pokkhi Konnya

A tribal princess and her spirit guardian.

Some more animal explorations

Animal Design Exploration

Okay, so animals are one of those things I hardly explore. but doing this was really fun. More coming up. C&C would be cool (:P)|=

Design Explorations

Just fusing some ideas to come up with something new. Comments are always welcome.

Some Character Explorations

Life Drawings

It's been a while since I uploaded any new drawings or whatever. So thought I'd share some doodles from my little sketchbook. These were done while waiting for food at a restaurant. 


This was just for fun.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This is my only finished short-film till now. I finished it in the November of 2007. Took me 3.5 months from the first concept till the final film. It was made for CGSociety Challenge and the theme was "Strange Behavior". I received the Excellence award for my entry, which was the second price. Hundreds of artists from around the globe took part in it. It was the most fun and toughest time. I learned a lot during the making of this film. Hope you enjoy it.

Making-off Polkarella:

Some more Digital Paintings

Some Digital Stuff

Here's some digital paintings I did over time to time.

New Blog!

Hi guys,

So my previous blog bumped on a dead-end since I've lost my username and password for my ever so seldom used email address. Yeah, what a bummer. But anyways, I opened this brand new blog where I hope to post my random art stuff and occasional shouts and rants. Hope we'll get to be good friends, or maybe not. Either way, lets begin...